As each pot is its own shape, ultimately it is about playing around with your dried flowers till you find what arrangement works but here are some tips to help you on your way..


If you are finding your flowers aren’t standing upright simply add some more in, I find that it is easier to add your larger stemmed pieces first and then work your way around the edges adding the small stemmed flowers. That way you are able to frame the larger pieces and are utilising all the space in your wonky pot!

When grouping together more than one wonky don’t forget to step back and evaluate the whole composition. It is a good idea to have your smallest pot front and centre and fill them with some of the smaller flowers, that way it helps to block out the stems from your larger pots with some nice flowers acting as a nice foreground. Arrange your bigger pots towards the back and add your bulkier pieces but don’t forget to keep a good mix of your smaller flowers throughout.


Something that has helped me when working with dried flowers is working with the natural direction of the flowers, you don’t want to fight against nature. If I am working with a couple of wonky pots I will try to group directional flowers together so that when the pots are combined together they create a full bouquet.